Michelle Clinard
Michelle Clinard

I help wholeness seekers heal & grow from the inside outward by identifying and shifting limiting pain, trauma, or stress patterns so they can feel at home in their body and live the lives they desire & deserve.

My Wholeness System approach to healing, growth, & self-care offers online learning, group and individual support, mentoring programs, private 1:1 intuitive healing sessions, and support resources.

Writing is one way I provide support resources...by writing about struggles and solutions, about shifts in perception and shifting our story into one that subconsciously supports the life with desire, rather than repeating the past pain, limitations, or experiences we carry in our subconscious mind.

I speak and write (repeatedly!) about how the physical body is the key to personal healing and growth because it is the filter of all our energy, emotion, and subconscious information. Listening to the body and learning how the body can be utilized to influence how we feel, function, and show up or experience the world is the key to shifting out of struggling and into a more thriving life.

All my training, experience, and body of work is based in a Wholeness Systems Approach to wellness/wellbeing. A Wholeness Approach recognizes that wholeness is about more than just addressing the individual, it recognizes that community and environment play a significant role in the process of becoming who you were before you became the person you had to be in order to cope & survive.

My body of work - from client work to writing to my personal journey from suffering to thriving - is my way of helping myself and others feel at home in their body and in the world.

When I began my journey to end my physical & mental health, emotional dysregulation, self-worth, relationship, and 'stuck' feeling struggles so I could feel better, recover more effectively, and show up in my life the way I desired...

I initially found myself struggling MORE. It was a struggle to find information and resources to help my body, mind, and spirit heal. It was a struggle to deciphor what was factual and what was fictional, or offered through another person's limitations and pain. It was difficult to figure out how I felt and what I needed, much less what was actually available and helpful...

I found my way to resources and training and mentors who layed a foundation for me to grow upon. Now it is my passion and purpose is to create and share insight and resources in all the ways I am able to so that others do not have to struggle to filter through all the information on the internet in order to improve their life, health, and ability to recover from life's ups/downs.

I welcome you to my space and invite you to learn and grow with me...

Michelle Clinard

Michelle Clinard

I am a Medically Intuitive Energy Practitioner who helps other shift from struggling to thriving in their health & life. Learn more: https://lnk.bio/dUtk