You Accomplished More Than You Think You Did

Person celebrating with a jump for joy, sun setting in background, text “Your value/worth is not attached to how much you do”
  • Being kind to people, animals, or the Earth
  • Being kind to yourself
  • Allowing yourself to rest and recover
  • Drinking water or taking your meds
  • Reaching out for connection
  • Binging a (few) great show(s) on Netflix
  • Just waking up in the morning
  • Putting on pants
  • Getting through hard days/situations however you did it
  • Anything else you did, even the most miniscule effort is still EFFORT…and many of us had days/weeks/months this year (and last) that were so challenging we are just barely hanging on



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Michelle Clinard

Michelle Clinard


I am a Medically Intuitive Energy Practitioner who helps other shift from struggling to thriving in their health & life. Learn more: