Mother’s day is a bittersweet day for me, like many others. For some, this day is bittersweet because they have lost their mothers, lost their children, choose not to be mothers, desire being a mother more than anything, or any number of other bittersweet scenarios.

I, too, have lost my mother but not to death. I lost her to estrangement. Parental estrangement is one of those things that isn’t spoken of or acknowledged much, though it is quite significantly more common than many people realize. It tends to be a topic that makes people uncomfortable or judgmental…whether it is


Forgiveness is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot and means a variety of different things to different people. It is often cited as the means to achieve healing, growth, or self-improvement…and, occasionally, it is revered as the only means one can achieve these things. Is forgiveness necessary for one to heal or improve their life, relationships, or wellbeing? I don’t believe it is. I actually believe that pushing forgiveness on people who are not ready to forgive is more harmful than helpful situations when a person is not ready to let go of active emotions related to the…

Growth can be a welcome, beautiful, consciously-made choice.

Growth can be defined by many things. It can be personal or spiritual healing or improving upon oneself, transformation, choosing to improve upon outcomes or station in life, a drive toward purpose, and intended or unintended consequences of our action, inaction, or experiences. Growth is a natural part of being human…but is it necessary for everyone to grow or want to grow? Is growth something we must constantly seek and strive for?

Growth can be a welcome, beautiful path to fulfillment of our desired outcomes or it can be a toxic path that adds stress or burn-out, making us feel…

Michelle Clinard

She/They. Mother, daughter, friend. Seeker of truth and inspiration. Aspiring bog witch and quantum wizard. Practicing Body Intuitive, Coach & Educator.

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